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The Sports Audience Is a Faithful One: What It Means for You

Great ratings prove the sports audience is reliable for teams, local networks, and advertisers.


Fox Bets WWE Sports Entertainment Can Transform Its Friday Nights

Fox bid $1 billion on WWE’s SmackDown, a major bet on live sports entertainment. But the deal could solve many problems for a reshaped Fox.


Will Sports Network Advertising Revenue Mirror Subscriber Losses?

A look at sports networks reveals a decline in viewership, valuation, and, likely, sports network advertising revenue. Here’s what advertisers should know.


The In-The-Moment Marketing Potential of Live Sports—and How Brands Can Take Advantage

With an in-the-moment marketing approach, beginning with a team capable of responding to opportunities on the fly, brands can win big during live sports.


Why the NBA Playoff Ratings Aren’t a Slam Dunk

The NBA playoff ratings may be down, but that’s likely a blip in the league’s long-term trajectory as it courts an international audience.