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Bad Product Placement: When Brands Go Too Far

Bad product placement can distract from the story and be detrimental to the brand. Advertisers can learn from others’ mistakes.


Why Treat E-Cigarette Ads Any Differently Than Cigarette Ads?

E-cigarette ads, and usage, took off this decade. Growing concern over health and marketing to teens has many pushing to ban the ads.


Can Your Omnichannel Marketing Campaign Benefit From Automated Ad Buying?

Just having an omnichannel marketing strategy isn’t enough. Automating all the elements of this strategy is the key to success.


Co-Viewing Metrics Are Here, and Targeted Advertising Will Never Be the Same

What’s the best way for TV advertisers to connect with co-viewing audiences? We have two big pieces of advice.


Cross-Platform Marketing Is No Longer Just for New Brands

Now that 74 percent of households have either a smart TV or a connected TV, cross-platform marketing is a must.