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Bad Product Placement: When Brands Go Too Far

Bad product placement can distract from the story and be detrimental to the brand. Advertisers can learn from others’ mistakes.


Streaming Platform Churn Begs the Question: Who Wins the Streaming Wars?

Streaming platform churn is the reality of a competitive television landscape. Find out why churn rates are increasing, and why linear TV has an advantage.


Bundling Cable and Internet: Is the Traditional Bundle Poised for a Comeback?

Streaming may cost viewers the same as bundling cable and internet. Here’s why viewers may end up choosing the latter.


Netflix Viewing Figures Tell Multiple Stories

Netflix viewing figures are a win for the company, but cable TV still has advantages over steaming platforms. Here’s why.


TV Production Spending: The Major Studios Win . . . for Now

Netflix’s TV production spending still lags behind the major networks.