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2020 Olympic Advertising: Going for Gold in Spend?

The 2020 Olympic advertising season is just around the corner. Here’s a look at this year’s ad spend projections.


2020 Advertising Spending Growth Predictions

When it comes to predicting 2020 advertising spending growth, expectations vary widely thanks to the 2020 presidential election and the Summer Olympics.


Local TV Ad Spend to Win Gold From the Olympics—and the Elections

BIA/Kelsey predicts the local TV ad spend will amount to $20.8 billion in revenue in 2018—aided by the elections, the Olympics, and the Super Bowl.


Olympics Sponsors Are Getting More (and Less) Than Bargained For

Sponsoring the games is often reserved for the advertising elite, but the visibility of the Olympics isn’t limited to official Olympics sponsors.


Olympics Social Media Claim: Biggest Event Ever

Olympics social media might just highlight the need for an omnichannel strategy and the benefits to advertisers that come with one.