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Presidential Campaign TV Ads Are the Past, Present, and Future

Why did Michael Bloomberg jump into the race with $37 million in presidential campaign TV ads? Because digital has some serious issues.


Negative Advertising: Effective, Dangerous, or Both?

It’s tempting to use negative advertising to make your brand seem better, but it’s a dangerous route. Learn from brands that won and lost at this game.


Do Controversial Commercials Pay Off?

Political and social activism are increasingly part of brands’ conversations, so can controversial commercials pay off?


Presidential Debate Ad Space Will Go at a Premium Thanks to High Debate Ratings

Thanks to high primary debate ratings, presidential debate ad space will go at a premium. What’s the best way to reach these viewers?


Candidates’ TV Ad Spending: What 2020 Candidates Can Learn From 2016

Federal candidates’ TV ad spending for the 2020 election could be anywhere from $6 billion to $10 billion. Here’s what 2020 candidates can learn from 2016.