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Highlights from the 4A’s Decisions 20/20 Conference

I recently attended my first 4A’s conference, the 4A’s Decisions 20/20. It was also my first that focused on the buy-side of the advertising equation. Of course, the entire advertising industry has been transformed by automation that provides the tools to maximize efficiency, impact and transparency. Automation has also engendered changes in management skill sets […]


Digital Political Ads: Blockbuster Year Good News for Programmatic

Digital political ads are expected to make a big jump this year due to the efficacy of targeting.


Verizon Acquisition of Yahoo Gives Telco a Programmatic Trifecta

Verizon acquisition of Yahoo added to prior purchase of AOL will give telco a strong presence in mobile video and advertising.


How to Implement Addressable TV: Advice From the Experts

Addressable TV has become a way to make advertiser messages more relevant to viewers by better targeting.


Where Was TV Programmatic at Cannes?

You may not have expected a discussion of data and programmatic at Cannes, but there are programmatic solutions that can help creative.