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Why TV is Moving to Impressions-based Measurement and the Benefits to Local

In recent weeks, there has been a tectonic shift of sorts happening in the broadcast media business. One after the other, we have seen broadcast groups – including NBC, CBS, ABC, Hearst, Graham and Gray announce that they will move away from ratings and begin using impressions, as their basis for measurement and selling. This […]


Machine Learning: The Future of Automated TV Buying

There is no doubt that the business of TV advertising and the viewing landscape overall is changing. Recent subscriber losses total 946k at AT&T, 224k at Comcast and 141k at Charter, with some of these subscribers moving to IP-based, connected TV. Exactly who is switching is not clear, but Hulu now has 28 million subscribers, […]


Ad Blockers Add Hurdle to Digital Campaigns

Software is making it easier for consumers to block ads online. More than one-fourth of Internet users in the United States claim to have used ad blockers.


The Future of Upfronts in an Increasingly Digital World

TV upfronts are still relevant in the face of a changing TV industry.