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Linear TV Means Consistent Ad Revenue

Linear television offers consistent ad revenue and many advantages for advertisers.


The New Paradigm for TV Advertising: Outcomes, Not Reach

I recently attended the Cynopsis That Big TV Conference and two common things were discussed: data-driven TV advertising and TV advertising driving outcomes. But wait a minute, hasn’t the TV ad business always measured outcomes? Well, yes, but things are changing. The traditional broadcast TV buy was on a reach/frequency model accompanied by a measurement […]


Managing Local TV Market Traffic in the Ad Tech Age

Local traffic systems have often processed local TV market buys for years. Now they need to be updated, but what measurement types matter most?


Multiple System Operators Bridge the Gap to Local Ads

To keep up with changing consumer behaviors, marketers need to get closer to the consumer. Multiple system operators can help.


Why As Seen on TV Commercials Are Hardly a Joke

The success of As Seen on TV commercials continues to show how attractive everyday products can be when they leverage the power of television.