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TV and Digital Advertising: Lies We Believe

For the modern brand, TV and digital advertising are just two of many required marketing channels. Don’t believe the lie you have to choose between them.


What Social Media Video Trends Can Teach TV Advertisers

TV has the bigger ROI, but social media video trends shouldn’t be ignored when trying to reach the 45 percent of Americans who use two screens.


Small Business TV Advertising: 5 Best Practices

For small business TV advertising, achieving ROI depends on using best practices. Learn how to take advantage of targeting, programmatic, and data.


Are Advertising Promises the Future of TV?

One television network is betting it can make—and keep—advertising promises to truly deliver.


Do We Really Need Blockchain in Media?

Blockchain in media can be used in attribution to gauge ROI. Its lofty promise is sure to change the buy-and-sell dynamic.