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Political Advertising In The Spotlight At Programmatic I/O

Given the amount of attention the upcoming presidential election is already receiving, and the number of questions I’ve been getting about how easy it would be to hack the election using TV advertising, I was very anxious to hear Mark Jablonowski, Managing Partner & CTO, at DSPolitical give a talk entitled “How To Capture 2020 […]


Live TV Sports: MLB Postseason Hits Ratings out of the Park

Live TV sports can be an advertiser’s dream, and postseason baseball is no exception.


Verizon Acquisition of Yahoo Gives Telco a Programmatic Trifecta

Verizon acquisition of Yahoo added to prior purchase of AOL will give telco a strong presence in mobile video and advertising.


Avoiding the Walled Garden of Data and Measurement Tools in Television

Are we risking the creation of a data walled garden in TV media measurement?


Content Targeting for Greater Consumer Attention

Better content targeting results from enhancements in measurement, accumulation, and refinement of big datasets.