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Analyzing Black Friday Advertising Spend in 2019

How did brand outlook affect Black Friday advertising spend this year?


What Advertising and Marketing New Hires Need to Know: A TV Industry Primer

We break down what advertising and marketing new hires need to know about the TV industry from day one.


The Four Ps of Marketing: Do They Still Apply in Today’s Landscape?

The TV ad landscape has changed significantly since the concept of “the four Ps of marketing” was introduced, but it’s still a useful framework.


Television Ad Impressions and Other Stats From the 2018-2019 Season

Stats on television ad impressions and more for the 2018-2019 TV season are in. Here are the key takeaways for advertisers.


Don’t Overlook Antenna TV Viewers

Antenna TV viewers grow in importance for local stations. Four trends drive increases in over-the-air viewing that station reps should capitalize on.