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Peloton Ad Gets Everyone Talking – For the Wrong Reasons

It’s happened again. Another brand – in this case, Peloton – has engendered a wave of public attention and ridicule from their latest ad. This time doesn’t appear to be a case of “all publicity is good publicity,” as Peloton’s stock fell by about 9 percent a day after the ad fallout exploded online and […]


Do Six Second Ads Really Work?

We had a bit of fun not long ago, postulating that the television industry could actually create and deploy one second ads. Whether anybody would actually buy those ads is an open question: We played with the short ad concept because we were flooded with :06 ads, particularly on NFL games. Part of that appears to […]


Olympics Social Media Claim: Biggest Event Ever

Olympics social media might just highlight the need for an omnichannel strategy and the benefits to advertisers that come with one.


TV Ad Spending Up: How Will Broadcast Sustain the Numbers?

Broadcasters gain TV ad spending dollars, but maintaining momentum in the scatter and upfront markets will take creativity and a nod to programmatic.


Cord Cutting Isn’t a Reality Yet, as NBC’s ‘The Wiz Live!’ Proves

Cord cutting is a concern for many broadcasters, but live events such as “The Wiz Live!” are proving that TV still has some staying power.