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Television Advertising Risks and Rewards: An Upfront Guide

How do media buyers mitigate television advertising risks? By focusing on audience, not the shows themselves.


3 Key Takeaways From Upfronts 2018

With upfronts 2018 behind us, now’s the perfect time for the industry to look back to prepare for the road ahead.


When Agencies Predict the Ad Market: MediaPost’s Outfront Forum

At the recent Outfront Forum, agencies predicted where the advertising market is headed—now and in five years.


Upfronts 2018: Fewer Options Than Ever

As we move into the upfronts 2018 selling season, there are trends afoot that could have major implications for those brands seeking TV inventory.


Where Did the Ad Spend Go? Local TV Buying From a 2017 Upfront Perspective

Reviewing the 2017 national TV upfronts can provide us a deeper understanding of how the local TV buying space is changing.