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How Will ATSC 3.0 Impact Local Television?

ATSC 3.0, which promises advancements that will enable interactivity on-demand for over-the-air local television, has been described as a game-changer.


The State of TV Data Measurement: Interview with Videa’s Brad Smith at TV Week 2017

We catch up with Brad Smith, senior vice president at Videa, for an exclusive interview about the current and future state of TV data measurement.


How Videa Supports Open Standards APIs and the TV Interface Practices (TIP) Initiative

Open standards APIs are now being developed for automating local TV spot buying, with help from Videa and a consortium of major station affiliate groups.


Americans Trust Local News Media Over National Outlets

According to a study released today, Americans trust local news media more than its national counterpart—and they’re getting most of that news from TV.


4 Buy-Side Initiatives to Successfully Navigate Change

Here are four initiatives for TV buy-side organizations looking to better navigation industry changes like partnerships and acquisitions.