Videa Product Waves

It sounds underwhelming but the simplest things like fast performance and field names being understandable is so helpful. I find Videa to be fast, intuitive and easy to use. I’ve been able to self-teach myself new parts of the platform and when the time comes, training my colleague will be easy. I joke that even my son could figure Videa out.

My favorite thing is campaign performance reporting. Being able to proactively see what’s happening to an order – knowing if I’m going to under (or over) deliver and use actual performance data to determine what I send to a buyer makes managing posting weight so much easier. Because I have this data, when I send a makegood offer to a buyer I’m confident the buyer will accept it. Read more in the success story here!

— Helena, National Sales Coordinator for WDIV-TV, Graham Media Group

We understand the challenges that exist between buying and selling spot TV. So, we automate the time-consuming parts of the sales process, make transparency a reality and improve channel efficiency between buyers and sellers.

  • Avail in seconds
  • Reach local broadcast audiences faster
  • Offer and order full schedule inventory weeks or quarters in advance

Buying and selling media no longer has to be as time consuming. Reduce the back-and-forth calls and emails spanning weeks before an insertion order is signed. And with Mediaocean and FreeWheel (formerly STRATA) integrations, Videa is the only live, supply-side marketplace for full schedule, forward reserve broadcast TV station inventory that can be ordered weeks or quarters in advance.

To see for yourself how Videa works, email us for more information.



Videa provided the perfect amount of training in a very simple way. I had some trepidation about what was to come but dove right in and now I’m excited about using the platform. And I especially appreciated the way my trainer related everything to how I work today. As someone who has a background in training and a degree in communication, this was very well done!

— Laura, Account Executive

Videa works with any traffic system (or no traffic data at all) to allow each station to be aligned their unique sales strategy. Easier buyer access to local inventory increases demand!

  • Simplify workflows
  • Get better campaign results
  • Minimize the time to market and order

When a simplified sales process meets scalable inventory and optimal buying efficiency, the industry wins. Videa unifies the marketplace, building scale and value for both buyers and sellers.