NYC TV Week Advanced Advertising Summit

New York, NY.

March 24, 2020


NYC Television Week, presented by Broadcasting + Cable and Multichannel News, brings together leaders in the television industry for high-level networking, information exchange and new business generation.

Highlights from the program include the following panel discussions.

Panel 1: Progress Report: What’s Real, What Scales and What Still Needs Work
Top network execs, technical mavens and ad buyers discuss the state of the industry, highlighting progress made and issues that still need to be overcome.

Panel 2: Addressable Advertising: How to Hit the Target
What goes into a winning addressable ad campaign? The strategies, data, technologies and creative that drive results.

Panel 3: Automation: When the Machines Take Over Who Buys Lunch?
Top ad executives discuss how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to make advanced TV advertising more attractive to marketers by speeding up execution and lowering costs.

Panel 4: Attribution: Measuring ROI and How Marketers Should Course Correct
Advertisers want to know if their advertising is working. Panelists discuss new ways to measure the impact their campaigns are making on consumers and how to optimize them to makes sure marketing objectives are realized. Do outcome guarantees generate more business for media companies.

Panel 5: Making Branded Content Work for Your Brand
As networks look to lower commercial loads and viewers flock to ad-free environments, branded content becomes an attractive way to deliver brand messages.

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